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When it comes to consulting, training or auditing for AQAP, AeroImpulse is one of the most competent contacts in Europe. We will take you safely to your AQAP confirmation.

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We help our customers to understand the NATO requirements of your countries armed forces as well as to establish requirements and practical suitability for the organisation. We have in-depth expertise in implementing compliant and audit-safe QM systems according to AQAP.

Our competences

When it comes to consulting, training or auditing for AQAP, we are among the most competent contact partner in the EASA region. We support you in obtaining a confirmation according to AQAP standards. In addition, we also support you after the airforce/army confirmation as an auditor in the execution of internal audits or external supplier audits.

What are your challenges?

Armed forces of NATO countries demand quality management structures from its contractors according to AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications). This is a NATO quality standard that was developed back in the 1960s and later used as a basis for the development of the ISO 9000 series of standards. The AQAP 2110 and the AQAP 2310 are of particular importance for suppliers of aircraft components. This is a catalogue of requirements extended to the EN 9100 and expanded to include NATO specifications for particularly complex projections in the field of aerospace and defense industry. As a contractor for NATO armed forces, you must implement and comply with this first 2013 published AQAP standard in your company.

In order to ensure the adequacy of the QM systems, armed forces carries out quality inspections (audits) on the suppliers’ premises. We prepare our customers for these.

Your benefits

We will take you safely through the quality test

Whether you only want to pass the quality test or whether you want to establish a holistic quality management system. We will support you in obtaining a confirmation according to AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310 or other NATO quality standards. We develop not only individual QM-tools, but also tailor-tailored consulting solutions.

Depending on your requirements, we are your coach, your permanent implementation guide or your responsible implementer for the QM system you are aiming for. Benefit from a comprehensive know-how transfer – Our cooperation is always also qualification and training in the field of AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310, quality management and method competence.

We know the defence industry, we know the requirements of the AQAP and we know the corresponding DIN en 9100.

Our customers benefit from our industry and standards competence in a unique way: through years of project and certification and approval experience, sound knowledge of methods, AQAP know-how and practical knowledge from audits. We therefore prepare you for the BAAIN confirmation with consulting and training audits. Practice-oriented with a sense of proportion and realism. We have extensive knowledge of the entire process of confirmation according to AQAP.

We offer you the highest possible security for your invested consultant fee. If you are not satisfied with the performance, you can terminate our cooperation at any time at no additional cost.

If you want to get to know our consultants and our approach before you work more deeply with us, then start with an internal audit to AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310, which you can also use as a gap analysis.

We also work based on success – bonus-Malus systems are no problem for us. Too many complaints in the certification audit? This reduces your consulting costs. Contact us!

You want to ask one of our previous customers about our services? We are happy to arrange a telephone contact with a QM representative or a manager.

The average QM representative is usually also sufficiently busy without AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310 introduction in daily business. Focus your capacities on your business, we take care of your certification and the optimization of your quality management system. Together with the support of AeroImpulse, they focus only on the essential aspects of the AQAP implementation.

You can also place 1 – 2 students with whom we build the quality management system according to AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310. Minimize your effort for informing and interpreting the standard. Avoid unnecessary measures in your quality management system.

What distinguishes us

We have many years of expertise in the aviation industry
We make no compromises in the competence of our consultants
We offer our customers individual and tailor-made QM solutions
We always keep the wishes of our customers in mind during implementation
We are professionals in methodology, project management and team leadership.
We serve our customers in a target-oriented manner, and we are fast & flexible in doing so