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What is an ETSO authorisation?


The European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) is a standard for certain components, devices and materials used in civil aircraft. ETSO parts therefore have their own official approval. However, it should be noted that this is only a minimum standard that defines the basic performance and properties of the component concerned. The components concerned and their minimum requirements are laid down in the CS-ETSO, our own construction regulations. Essential requirements are defined in EASA Part 21 O. Typical components subject to the ETSO standard include instruments, seats, tyres, rescue and safety equipment and APUs.


The approval of an ETSO product is done by applying to the EASA. For this purpose, comprehensive information regarding design and performance characteristics (Declaration of Design & Performance – DDP) must be submitted to EASA. At the same time, if there is no design organisation approval according to Part 21J, an alternative ADOA approval (Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval) is required, with which the organisation can demonstrate appropriate organisational structures, design competence and the necessary resources.

The production of an ETSO product requires an approval according to EASA Part 21G.

Why an external consultant?

Concentration on the core business, not on one-off induction training


If your company has decided in favour of an ETSO approval and the authority does not formulate any fundamental restrictions, an organisation has to work out a procedure according to the EASA regulations and its certification specification (CS-ETSO). This requires specific know-how and ties up valuable resources over many months both in the quality department and especially in  engineering. In addition to day-to-day business, this is a complicated additional task. In addition, processes have to be adjusted during operation and employees have to be qualified for their new tasks.


In addition to the capacitive loads, there is usually a lack of specialist knowledge. The familiarization with the EASA texts is laborious. Understanding, interpreting and practical implementation of the legal texts almost always causes problems for companies with little or no aviation industry experience. This applies to the EASA regulations themselves (Implementing Rules and their subparts) and in particular to the important interpretation material (Guidance Material / Acceptable Means of Compliance – AMC) and the technical regulation (Certification Specification – CS ETSO), that are only available in English.

Why AeroImpulse?

Complete solutions for all aspects of aviation certification


We help our customers to understand the requirements of EASA for the certification of ETSO products, to implement them in accordance with the requirements and to anchor them in practical operation. We support our customers in the preparation of technical documentation, the showing of compliance and in the implementation of QM-side operating structures for ADOA.


When it comes to consulting, training or approval support for ETSO products, we are among the most competent contacts in Europe. We have in-depth expertise in the preparation of documentation and the process for demonstration of compliance. In recent years we have accompanied numerous ETSO product approvals and ADOA applications.

Your benefit

We bring you safely to approval

We know the aviation industry, we know the requirements of the ETSO certification and we are familiar with the accompanying EASA Subparts 21J (design) and 21G (production).
Our customers benefit uniquely from our industry expertise and regulation know-how: through years of project and certification experience, sound methodological knowledge, and practical ETSO know-how. This is why we prepare you for ETSO and ADOA approval with consulting, document creation and training. Practice-oriented with a sense of proportion and realism. We have comprehensive knowledge of the entire approval process.

We offer you the greatest possible security for your invested consulting fee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can terminate our cooperation at any time without additional costs.
If you would like to get to know our consultants and our approach first, before you start working with us in more depth, then start by creating a roadmap which you can also use as a GAP analysis.
Would you like to ask one of our former customers about our services? We are happy to arrange a telephone contact with a QM representative or a managing director.

The average engineer and QM representative is usually sufficiently busy in day-to-day business even without the introduction of an ETSO approval. Focus your capacities on your business, we will show you the way and, where possible, take care of the details of your approval and the adaptation of your quality management system.
Together with the support of AeroImpulse, you can concentrate only on the essential aspects of ETSO approval. Minimize your effort for training and interpretation of the EASA specifications and interpretation material. Avoid unnecessary measures or “deterioration improvements” on your documentation.

Our services

From the idea to the approval and beyond

The approval of an ETSO component is an extensive process that most companies usually only have to go through once or twice. The topic is so special that there are only a few real specialists on the market. We also rely on freelancers here. These are the few experts available on the European market. They are working full-time in the ETSO environment for the big players in the aviation industry and know all the pitfalls. They stand by our customers from the idea to the approval and beyond that as an experienced partner. Depending on your individual needs, we can help you with the following activities in the course of the ETSO approval process, either holistically or only selectively:

Decision ETSO approval
Assistance in the maturing process and in the decision regarding an ETSO authorisation
Setup project management / project planning
Support with the setup of the associated project management and project planning
Preparation & testing of ADOA documentation
Participation in the preparation and review of ADOA documentation
Establishment an EASA Part 21/G & Part 21/O
Support in establishing an EASA Part 21/G or Part 21/O operation
EASA / LBA and audits
Accompanying preparation and support of EASA / LBA dates and audits
Production of ETSO articles
Consulting in development and production of ETSO articles (project phase)
Component approval
Technical consulting for component approval (verification, especially MoC9)
Operational monitoring
Further support after obtaining ETSO approval during operation

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